SiemPrE Por Ti Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by Colectivo ALA in partnership with Santa Clara County’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs through the Getting To Zero initiative to help reduce HIV stigma in Santa Clara County and beyond.

This toolkit has been created as an effort to create awareness, develop empathy and understanding, and create strategies to reduce stigma to benefit those who have been impacted by HIV, homophobia, transfobia, and by the racial disparaties currently existing in our communities.

Siempre Por Ti Toolkit Community Member Survey (English) Community Member Survey (Español)

The toolkit integrates “SiemPrE Por Ti”, a four-episode webseries that seeks to inform about PrEP and the importance of STD/HIV testing, to guide a discussion about HIV related stigma.

SiemPrE Por Ti Webseries

Siempre Por Ti PSAs